Our links with the automotive industry were forged early in our history. Amco Services (Motorsport) was incorporated in 1983, and was originally a specialist Logistics Services, Shipping and Freight Agency for the Motorsport Industry. Its sister company Amco  was formed to handle all other general freight.

As the two companies grew, it became evident that there were increasing levels of ‘cross-over’ between the two businesses and in order to streamline and further improve services to our customers, they consolidated to form the Amco we know today.


Amco strives to retain its position at the forefront of logistics services by the incorporation of the latest developments in technology and by the use of new developments in logistics systems. The company continually reviews its processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency for its logistics systems. This is particularly critical for ‘process driven’ sectors such as defence, automotive , aerospace and FMCG.

As we look to the future, bringing ongoing efficiencies into supply chains and offering fully integrated services will be key aims for Amco, as will the further extension of our customer facing online systems, geo-fencing technology and detailed tracking systems, delivering even greater levels of information, control and efficiency to our customers.

Amco has a clearly defined strategic plan for growth and diversification both organically and through acquisition.