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AMCO has been successfully operating as a freight forwarder Shipping from China to UK. Since 1983, our knowledge and experience allows us to offer and implement alternative, cost-effective solutions that go beyond just offering sea and air freight from China to UK.

AMCO road freight from China – The new silk road

There are several commercial benefits when considering road freight and trucking solutions when shipping from China to UK and EU. AMCO offer road freight services from China and Southeast Asia, to the UK and all over the EU.

Transportation and shipping from China to UK and other parts of Asia is a challenging market. This is due to a variety of reasons including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with sailing schedules off track, lack of containers, equipment shortages and port delays. A door-to-door road freight solution could provide significant cost savings with extensive coverage across China and EU.

Road freight has faster transit times than sea freight from China to UK, flexible road freight operations and frequent departures can also resolve some of the supply chain challenges currently being faced by exporters, including more predictable costings.

Rail Freight 

Rail freight transport is now an increasingly effective way of Shipping from China to UK and EU. The main benefits are speed and cost. In a logistics context, rail freight transport is faster than sea freight, and more cost-effective than air freight and comparable to road freight. AMCO offer rail freight services from China to the UK and EU.

Backed by investments from the Chinese government, rail freight transport enables goods from northern and central China to be transported directly to many countries in EU, in some cases with the last-mile delivery served by truck or short sea routes.

Advantages of rail freight transport


Here are the advantages of rail freight transport between China and EU, the main routes, and some practical considerations when shipping rail freight from China to UK.

Speed: Faster than a ship.

The rail freight from China to UK and EU, from terminal to terminal, and depending on the route, takes between 15 and 18 days. That is roughly half the time it takes to move containers by ship.

With these shorter transit times, businesses can react more quickly to changing market demands. In addition, shorter transit times lead to more rotations and thus less stock in the supply chain. In other words, businesses can free up working capital and lower their capital costs.

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