The complexities of European logistics and warehousing demand a high level of specialist knowledge and expertise. This is why most companies prefer working with specialist consultants rather than doing the work themselves.


Furthermore, it makes little sense for companies to focus on core activities outside their normal competencies. Time spent trying to understand – and apply knowledge of –logistics is time that you could spend wisely (and more profitably) elsewhere.


So what’s the best course of action? Consultants, like our team at Amco are here to help you with all aspects of European logistics and warehousing — from air freight and air charter to time critical logistics.

Why use logistic consulting services?

Here are 7 reasons your company should strongly consider working with a logistics consultancy instead of going it alone.

1. You’ll save money in the long-term

The end goal of any business is to deliver a product or service to the end-customer profitably. Although hiring a logistics consultant will involve expense, it can save you money in the long run.


Imagine the cost of doing the work yourself as non-experts. Delays or errors caused by lack of knowledge and experience of European logistics and warehousing could cost more than you initially saved by underinvesting in support.


Hiring specialists with the right skills, resources, and technology leads to the right results first time. It also ensures you deliver on promises you make to clients.

2. You’ll gain invaluable expertise

Even if you have experience of logistics, it’s impossible to know everything. That’s why it makes sense to compensate for skillset gaps by outsourcing to an experienced logistics consultancy.


Specialists will have access to the latest technology, understand trending industry practices, and more generally have the knowledge and experience needed to complete work quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Though it might be tempting to save money by keeping everything in-house, its better to invest in a partner with access to the right systems, tools, and resources for the job.

3. Fewer overheads to worry about

Acquiring, maintaining, and managing your own warehouses requires considerable investment and takes up large chunks of time. Is your knowledge of European logistics and warehousing

good enough that you could do all this? Or would you rather hand responsibility to an expert?


A logistics consultant will find the right solution and provide access to state-of-the-art warehouses, distribution facilities. They can help you establish a more advanced infrastructure to ensure you meet your clients’ needs.

4. You can expand into new markets

Perhaps your company operates solely within the UK. But your long-term aim is to expand into other European destinations. Presently, you don’t have the right set-up to achieve this – nor the budget to realise your objective through investment.


A logistics consultant will have everything you need in place already: fully scalable fleets, road coverage, air, and sea freight charter options, and more. Do you have the time, money, and expertise to do this alone?

5. It will allow you to concentrate on your business

Unless your business is European logistics and warehousing, it makes little sense to invest time and money in activities which don’t form the core nature of your business.


Handing over the hard work to specialists will avoid expensive and avoidable mistakes – while also giving your teams time to allocate energy to the jobs that matter.

6. It will keep your customers happy

Think how much effort you put into researching your product or service. That’s without mentioning marketing costs and the time it takes to build and maintain effective customer relationships.


Why undo that hard work by underinvesting in logistics? A specialist will take the reins by ensuring your orders are fulfilled on time. The result? Contented, loyal customers.

7. Choose your logistics partner wisely

Admittedly, this isn’t a reason. But taking time to compare consultants is essential. Rush the decision – or hire the first expert you speak to – and you could do more harm than good.

Before committing:

  • Check whether the consultant has the right expertise
  • Ask yourself how engaged they are with your problem
  • Seek out testimonials from previous clients
  • Compare at least three quotes

Expert logistic consulting from Amco

Why not start your search for an experienced logistics consultant right here? With a deep understanding of European logistics and warehousing, air freight, supply chain management, and much more, we’re perfectly positioned to help your business.

Contact a member of the Amco team today and take your company to the next level. In the meantime, visit our services page to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we’re the first choice for businesses across multiple sectors globally.