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Posted on 03.03.2021

Amco are delighted to be picking up on industry demand for specialist storage and transport in the retail sector by seeking partnerships and new customers that require service levels to the BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) for Storage and Distribution.  

Road Freight From China to the UK

Posted on 22.02.2021

Businesses that need to transport freight from China to the UK have experienced some turbulence in recent months. This has come in the form of three challenges: Brexit, COVID-19, and the pandemic. Widespread disruption has ensued in terms of container shortages, rising air freight costs, and fully-booked rail services. International logistics is, in short, facing one of its biggest challenges in decades. Fortunately, we have a viable solution for businesses that need to transport goods by road and in large volumes. How can we help you transport oversees freight from China cost-effectively and without unacceptable waits? Read on to find...

Importance Of Understanding INCOTERMS

Posted on 22.02.2021

Curious to learn more about INCOTERMS? Read our handy guide to everything you need to know. What Are INCOTERMS? INCOTERMS were produced by the ICC (or International Chamber of Commerce) to replace some of the contractual words and phrases that are commonly used by different countries. Most commonly, you will find them used in trade agreements from the seller to the buyer. Why Do We Need Them? Some of the terms used in different countries will mean different things to different people. We think this is safe to say about most languages around the globe. We can’t always expect everyone...


Posted on 08.02.2021

SAY HELLO TO THE SILK ROAD COVID-19 and the Pandemic has caused immeasurable disruption of shipping which has led to a growing requirement for diversification in terms of transport down the Europe and Asia trade channel. It’s true to say that China to EU/ UK Rail Freight has had a lot of recent attention, but there is increased demand for Road Freight between China and the EU/UK. Under this initiative, the China to Europe Road Freight service came to being in 2018, and this is now that AMCO is kickstarting their initiative to transport goods down these routes. The door-to-door...


Posted on 18.01.2021

Road Transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK, contributing to poor air quality, noise disturbance, congestion and climate change and is a significant contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Both individuals and Businesses can all take actions to reduce it, such as combining several shorter journeys or, by walking or cycling for those journeys. However, for Logistics Companies like AMCO, cycling is obviously not an option! However, looking at their Environmental impact from a technical perspective, is. AMCO Operations Director, Mark Jones says “As part of our 2021 Logistics strategy, AMCO are focused on reducing our...

How has COVID-19 affected International Logistics?

Posted on 20.12.2020

The ongoing pandemic continues to be a challenge for many businesses globally and it is uncertain when it, or the new precautions and measures to fight it, will come to an end. With this in mind, we have continued to innovate and improve our own methods as a reliable international courier and specialists in time critical logistics. Global Logistics Almost every company involved with international freight will be warehousing and distributing products either made in China, the world’s largest manufacturer, or products made from Chinese materials. With the large outbreaks there and full manufacturing shutdowns to deal with them, the...


Posted on 19.11.2020

Introduced to streamline the way Air Cargo is cleared before uplift onto an aircraft, Known Consignor was an EU Directive implemented in full on 29th April 2013. What is a Known Consignor? A Known Consignor is an alternative way of meeting Air Cargo security requirements. Regardless of the destination, Air Cargo that originates from a Known Consignor does not require further examination before uplift onto an aircraft. AMCO, based in the Midlands (UK), have a specialist team of Known Consignors who are required to meet and maintain a high level of security, ensuring all Air Cargo is safe to be...

A Brief History of Warehousing and Logistics

Posted on 11.08.2020

With the new world of just-in-time (JIT) delivery, globalised supply chains and online shopping giants, many would consider warehousing and logistics to be a relatively newly developed economic sector. However, while it’s certainly true that we’re now more reliant on international logistics than ever, warehousing – as a practice of stockpiling goods in dedicated, central hubs for commercial purposes – has been important for humans since the beginning of trade between nations. A series of developments Historically, the development of warehousing is a symbol of an advanced commercial civilisation. In ancient Rome, a specific warehousing and distribution area called the Horrea Galba was...

Myths about sea freight debunked

Posted on 18.06.2020

Despite the increase in global trade, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding the convenience and cost of shipping items overseas. If you are considering shipping your items to customers via overseas import services, it’s important to debunk the many untruths that surround the industry. 1) It is bad for the environment A number of businesses make the mistake of assuming that the number of enormous cargo ships sailing through the ocean must have a devastating impact on the environment, but this isn’t the case. Shipping goods via sea freight is actually one of the most eco-friendly methods...

Top benefits of a bonded warehouse

Posted on 18.06.2020

If you’re hoping to start selling your goods in the UK, you may benefit from bonded warehousing. In this blog post, we explain exactly what bonded warehousing is and how it could benefit you. What is bonded warehousing? A bonded warehouse also referred to be as a customs warehouse, is a warehouse where goods and products can be stored in the UK, without technically entering the UK market. This means businesses storing their products in a bonded warehouse do not have to pay VAT or import duty tax while their products are in the warehouse. Only once stock is sold...
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