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Myths about sea freight debunked

Posted on 18.06.2020

Despite the increase in global trade, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding the convenience and cost of shipping items overseas. If you are considering shipping your items to customers via overseas import services, it’s important to debunk the many untruths that surround the industry. 1) It is bad for the environment A number of businesses make the mistake of assuming that the number of enormous cargo ships sailing through the ocean must have a devastating impact on the environment, but this isn’t the case. Shipping goods via sea freight is actually one of the most eco-friendly methods...

Top benefits of a bonded warehouse

Posted on 18.06.2020

If you’re hoping to start selling your goods in the UK, you may benefit from bonded warehousing. In this blog post, we explain exactly what bonded warehousing is and how it could benefit you. What is bonded warehousing? A bonded warehouse also referred to be as a customs warehouse, is a warehouse where goods and products can be stored in the UK, without technically entering the UK market. This means businesses storing their products in a bonded warehouse do not have to pay VAT or import duty tax while their products are in the warehouse. Only once stock is sold...

The Advantages of Outsourcing Your Logistics Operations

Posted on 16.06.2020

If you haven’t considered outsourcing your business’ logistics then there are several key benefits you could be missing out on. Whether it’s international logistics or something smaller in scale, the term encapsulates a broad range of things. Transporting goods to customers is just a part of it; there’s also the requirement to plan and implement sophisticated warehousing and fulfilment operations. Outsourcing to a specialist logistics company like Amco could be a game-changer for your business. A logistics company can offer a range of services, including: UK bonded warehousing Pallet distributing European logistics and road transport Logistic consulting Any number of...

Revving up the Automotive Industry

Posted on 01.06.2020

As the Automotive Industry revs up to restart and upscale manufacturing Amco tell the story of how they are ready to support their strongest sector and how their time-critical strength and membership of the WCA is a winning formula. Vital to any manufacturing industry is the ability to rely on time-critical logistics services. Many of Amco customers need parts, prototypes and components for production in a hurry and some require components from distant suppliers or often overseas, as part of a breakdown or tool failure. Amco’s Worcester based time-critical team, speak 15 languages between them and this helps enormously when...

SMMT helps to ramp up production in the UK

Posted on 01.06.2020

In the UK the SMMT announced this week, safe restart guidance, specifically for the Automotive Manufacturing sector. Manufacturers UK wide began this week to welcome back the workforce with comprehensive guidelines and safety measures covering work locations, inbound and outbound logistics, offices and access points. The SMMT, who we work closely with at Amco, developed the guidelines in consultation with OEMs, vehicle and supply chain manufacturers. The SMMT have developed these guidelines to work with, and complement, government guidance for the UK manufacturing industries and to help automotive manufacturers to complete a risk assessment and implement legal requirements in line...

Amco – Time Critical Logistics

Posted on 11.05.2020

Time Critical Defined

Logistics Heroes

Posted on 15.04.2020

Logistics Heroes Amco CEO, Paul Andrews, wants to thank everyone Amco work with, partner with and provide services to, (customers and suppliers), and to acknowledge they, individually and together, have formed a band of #logisticsheroes. They step up when required, put their hands up without being asked and work to keep UK and International trade moving through talented thinking in the logistics world. He says. ‘Keeping the wheels of logistics turning, and warehousing working takes talent at the best of times and Amco harness expertise wherever possible. Flexibility and skill at every level is what makes us winners. Every single...

Suspend your excise duty and VAT with AMCO bonded warehousing

Posted on 13.03.2020

UK Bonded Warehouses are a great way to manage cash flow through your business. With today’s fluctuating exchange rates post Brexit, choosing a bonded warehouse to store your stock and equipment without paying import duty or VAT is a wise choice. While your goods are in safe hands with AMCO customs bonded warehouse, your stock, which would usually incur duty or import VAT, is suspended until sold. This gives your business the flexibility to develop a sales strategy to suit the current marketplace. But what other benefits are there? Speedy sales with warehousing and distribution With the massive increase in...

Amco Services International Announce the appointment of Mark Jones As Operations Director

Posted on 20.02.2020

Amco Services International Announce the appointment of Mark Jones As Operations Director UK Midlands based, global logistics, warehousing and transport business Amco Services International strengthens its senior management team with the appointment of Mark Jones to the newly created role of Operations Director to support the business following a period of significant business wins and growth. Amco reported record results in 2019 and are looking at an even better 2020 with a strong pipeline and strong growth plans. 53% growth over the past 3 years has positioned Amco to continue investing in IT and capital investment across their 4 UK...

The 6 roles of warehousing in logistics

Posted on 11.02.2020

Warehousing is just one part of an effective logistics management system for businesses, but without it, businesses are likely to face all sorts of problems. A warehouse’s value is sometimes exactly what you think – for sorting goods and keeping them safe and secure. But equally, there are some less obvious social and economic benefits to having a warehouse, so they have a bigger role than you think in the logistics of a business. 1. Inventory control By having a warehouse, it is much easier for businesses to manage a large amount of inventory. Warehouses can help when a company...
Amco - logistics for your world
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