European logistics is a complex network of air, rail, road, and sea transportation routes. In addition, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance also play crucial roles in successful goods movements in, out and around Europe.

Europe is a critical hub for global trade. This is why many businesses choose to export to or from the EU; optimising supply chains and expanding customer bases.

European logistics plays a crucial role in international trade, with companies like AMCO at the heart of its success. AMCO provide an array of European road transport, air freight, warehousing and customs clearance solutions to multiple industry sectors. Read on to learn more. 

European Logistics Road Freight


AMCO offer a wide range of Road Freight solutions, ensuring the right solution utilised based on freight location, destination, time scale and volume.

Firstly, Full Truck Load (FTL), often the most cost-effective option for businesses needing to move large amounts of goods over long distances.

Secondly, Less Than Truck Load (LTL), more cost-effective for businesses needing to move a smaller volume of goods domestically (within the EU) that will not fill an entire truck. In other words, an LTL truck can consolidate smaller shipments with small shipments from other companies..

In addition, we have Groupage. It’s similar to LTL, but involves transporting consolidated shipping containers or full trailer loads internationally. This can be to or from the EU via various modes of road, rail or sea transport. Alternatively, we offer dedicated vans in and out of Europe to the UK at very competitive rates.

Moreover, for urgent freight movements, visit our Time Critical Logistics page. Lastly, for hazardous goods movements, visit our Dangerous Goods page. 


Air freight is a vital aspect of the European Logistics industry. It plays a crucial role in the transportation of high-value and time-sensitive cargo. Importantly, Europe has a well-developed air freight infrastructure, with numerous airports and cargo-handling facilities, which AMCO utilise efficiently.

Furthermore, AMCO can transport your air freight from airport to airport within the EU as you require. We can also transport your goods to and from the UK. Our extensive European air freight solutions flourish due to a well-established global Partner network.

AMCO Air Freight services include Air Charters (Full and Split Load), Door-to-Door Hand Carry and On-Board Courier (OBC). In addition, we also provide Express Delivery, Next Flight Out (NFO) and Heavy or General Cargo Transport.

Of note, air freight transportation is subject to various industry regulations and standards. We are proud to say we’re IATA accredited; meaning we operate to the strictest of industry standards. Furthermore, it enables AMCO to offer greater air cargo capacity and availability than most.

AMCO European Logistics Air Freight
European Warehousing Hungary & Netherlands


AMCO has developed its own European warehousing network with facilities located in Hungary, Netherlands, France and Poland.

Firstly, our Hungarian hub situated in Környe, 15 miles from the Slovakian border features extensive warehousing & distribution capabilities. It benefits from access to major highways and transportation networks. So, consequently it’s ideal for handling large volumes of freight where Groupage or Full Truck Load transport is required. It’s perfect for moving goods around the EU, or into the UK.

Secondly, our warehousing facility in the Netherlands is perfectly located to deal with frequent freight collections. Collections coming in from various EU locations and regular onward departures into the UK are popular with our EU and UK customer base. We handle ‘Cross-Trade’ needs too. In other words, we manage the entire process; transport and storage, processing documentation and adhering to regulatory requirements.


Our 30,000 sq. ft. Bonded warehouse & distribution centre in Dunkirk, France provides the ideal access point for importing containerised goods into the EU.

In short, it’s equipped to store and distribute non-perishable, perishable and chilled goods. Working in partnership with Destock Logistics, goods are cleared through Customs and stored under bond ready for onward distribution to specified EU destinations.

As the Importer, AMCO Destock ensures all the applicable supporting customs documentation is in order. In addition, it makes sure there are no restrictions or prohibitions concerning the shipped goods. Above all, the Customs Authority then releases the goods into ‘free’ circulation.

Importantly, the purpose of the release for ‘free circulation’ is to fulfil all import formalities, so goods can be sold on the Union Market like any product made in the EU. As a result, this speeds up deliveries across Europe and negates individual clearances as the goods are cleared straight into Europe. Significantly, paperwork is reduced and delivery bottlenecks are prevented.

AMCO Destock French Warehousing and Customs
AM-Trans European Logistics in Poland


Am-Trans, based in Wroclaw, Western Poland boasts excellent transport links to the North, South, West and East of Europe. Fuelled by growing demand, AM-Trans enables AMCO to deliver specialised Logistics.  For example, Time Critical, Collections, Groupage and Full Truck Load (FTL) solutions to customers from various industry sectors across Europe and into the UK.

Furthermore, its European Road Freight solutions are powered by a fully branded AM-Trans Logistics transport fleet. In short, this includes vans, sleepers and mega trailers that operate right across Europe, day and night.


A rapid response, every time, all of the time comes as standard with our European Time Critical Logistics service. So, expect rapid quotations, collections and deliveries with AMCO Time Critical.

Our continued investment in logistics technology means your goods will move via the quickest routes possible when needed. Additionally, we can react in real-time to any en-route change requests. 


Knowing the ‘where’ and ‘when’ is a critical aspect of  European Logistics. That’s why we provide digital cargo tracking with ‘Live’, personalised updates via a dedicated personal planner during the transportation of your cargo.

At AMCO we make it as easy as possible to place orders and track every movement of your shipment in real-time. Therefore, increasing productivity and enhancing traceability.


AMCO are proud members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

Established in 1940, BIFA provides its members with timely and relevant information on industry developments, regulatory changes, trade policies, and market trends. In addition, BIFA promotes adherence to industry standards and best practices.  Moreover, it offers training programs, workshops, and certifications to its members, such as AMCO.

To sum up, BIFA membership enhances AMCO’s employee’s professional skills and expertise. As a result, improving operational efficiency and maintaining high standards of service for customers.

BIFA British International Freight Association AMCO


Freight movements play a crucial role for businesses across Europe in a wide range of industry sectors. Particularly: Automotive, Aerospace and Manufacturing, as well as, Energy, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare.

In short, with considerable experience across these industry sectors, in addition to our depth of local European knowledge, AMCO continue to meet and exceed customer expectations, no matter the sector or location.

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