Amco recognises that as a company it has responsibilities to all those involved directly in our business, to our associates, partners and customers, and also to our neighbours, families and the wider community.

We are committed to conducting business that achieves sustainable growth and fulfils all legal and moral obligations. Amco aims to achieve its business objectives in a responsible manner, recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of its activities. The concept of providing Social & Corporate Responsibility is fully integrated into the long-term strategic approach of the business; reducing waste, caring for the environment, improving the welfare of staff and engaging within the local community are a fundamental part of the way in which Amco operates.


Amco is committed to ensuring that our business is managed in all areas according to the highest ethical and professional standards. The company will seek to influence its suppliers to operate to the same high standards.

Amco aims to provide reliable, fast logistics services with fixed costs. We achieve this through the use of ISO standard work processes (Amco is ISO 9001:2008 accredited), through investment in technology and by the employment of reliable distribution and warehousing systems.


Amco is committed to minimising the environmental impact resulting from its activities. We continue to engage with environmental issues in a responsible manner by employing an ongoing programme of innovation and waste reduction, which includes continuing to reduce carbon and particulate emissions, conserving water and energy resources, reducing pollution and by recycling  paper, card and plastic wherever possible.


In 2013 Amco introduced technology which tracks and monitors vehicle activity and statistics, and which helps us to manage the environmental impact of our logistics service, helping us to minimise our carbon footprint.

System reporting includes information about miles per gallon being achieved, which can be mapped against driving styles, road surfaces and routes in order to reduce fuel usage and to achieve optimum efficiency.


Amco is firmly rooted in regions where its depots are sited. We very much see ourselves as part of local communities and feel that it is important to play a positive part within them. We are committed to the support of organisations doing beneficial work in the community and encourage staff to support and develop initiatives locally. Amco both actively supports local charitable activities and also chooses a national charity to support each year.


Provides hospitals across the U.K with memory boxes; each day in the UK 17 families suffer the trauma of a stillbirth or neonatal death. 4Louis aims to offer support and help to these families, to capture those lasting precious memories of their baby. They provide memory boxes for stillbirth, neo-natal, infant and child loss,the intention is at least they have something to try and comfort them at these tragic times. With the support of Amco, £2615.88 was raised through the 2014 Golf Days, allowing the purchase approximately 150 boxes for families in need.


Amco will be supporting the 2015 European Wheelchair Basketball Championships, which was held in Worcester.


Amco are proud to be supporting Hope for Tomorrow with their 2015 charity golf day event. Hope for Tomorrow is a national cancer charity dedicated to bringing cancer treatment closer to patients’ homes. Using Mobile Chemotherapy Units, the charity effectively reduce the long distances of travel and waiting times for treatment that patients often endure, as well as helping them to avoid the stresses and strains of busy Oncology Centres.


Amco are proud to be supporting St Richard’s Hospice by doing a ‘Great British Bake-off’ and by doing multiple sponsored walks.


Amco is committed to providing a safe and structured platform to enable all staff to grow and develop within the business. The company is committed to treating all of its employees in a fair and equitable way, specifically to prevent any discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender or race.

Amco is also committed to ensuring that safe working practices are employed and that safe working environments are maintained.


Continually aware of corporate responsibility and its duty of care to all employees and stakeholders, Amco, during the period September to December 2013, undertook an intensive programme of IOSH (health, safety and environmental) training.

Warehouse managers and office & support staff, from all our sites, have either been newly trained or have undertaken refresher training. This programme plays a major part in the continuing development of Health & Safety awareness within Amco.

An awareness of Heath & Safety is being disseminated throughout the whole of our business, with particular emphasis on our drivers; because they continually work off-site and in so many different environments, Health & Safety and Duty of Care can be problematical. All of our drivers have undertaken Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training and tool box talks.

The ISOH training programme was undertaken in partnership with Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

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