Procurement Services


The idea behind AMCO procurement services management and logistics is to offer absolute control of our customers’ supply chain, meeting the needs of their operational manufacturing processes. We analyse our customers’ existing processes and propose new strategies for procurement and logistics in order to improve Supply Chain Performance.

We look at quantities to be supplied, supply frequency, impact on supply chain inventory, demand forecasting, quality of service delivery, supplier selection, compliance dates, types of packing, and loading units used by suppliers, which are all important factors to consider.

Procurement management from a logistics point of view is all about the sourcing of the correct materials needed for manufacturing. For AMCO, this is the part of our logistic service and supply chain that concentrates on the sourcing and purchasing of raw materials, components and equipment, alongside auxiliary supplies and other items needed for the manufacturing and assembly process to operate.

AMCO can provide physical sourcing and procurement, as well as e-sourcing and e-procurement services that harness systems alongside the internet, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Our procurement management and logistics services extend to materials handling, warehousing, quality assurance, transport, and shipping, as well as materials purchasing. 

We take care of all of the processes, including tenders and bids, negotiating and developing contracts with third parties, Ts and Cs, illegals, policies and can include recruitment and hiring of Staff, Sales professionals and even Marketers.

Our procurement logistics and procurement management work seamlessly to make sure manufacturing costs are kept to budget, to create a cost-efficient and effective supply chain.

Our customers can engage with us at any level for procurement management and procurement logistics. Our team are experienced in international transport and customers clearance procedures on a global scale, and we speak over 15 languages in-house.

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