Our Amco Time Critical Logistics can be described in several ways and is related to many different industries. Our specialised sectors are Automotive, FMCG, Aerospace, Defence, Waste, Environmental and FMCG markets.

Time Critical logistics involves the urgent, efficient and competent logistics management of products, goods and components (often prototypes) that can be collected from source and delivered, to a factory or customer, to reduce or eliminate business downtime.

Timed and urgent delivery is often crucial where prototypes, samples or items of rarity or high value are concerned, especially if they are part of a manufacturing or R&D process. Downtime may be due to manufacturing defaults, breakdowns, accidents or Force Majeure.

Time Critical Logistics involves numerous elements and may require several partners to work together to make sure the supply chain is robust and optimised to enable expedited service levels and to avoid a compromise in service levels.

Should our Amco Time Critical Services not prove to be efficacious our global customers could face financial losses and a reduction in manufacturing or production efficiency.

Companies all over the world face the potential of financial losses and reductions in service levels if effective Time Critical Logistics Solutions are not put in place. To avoid downtime costs as much as possible, companies rely on our successful logistics & maintenance programmes.

The requirements for this strategy is robust and smooth-running procurement programmes and intelligent logistics, as well as optimal use of spare parts. These tasks are summed up by the spare-parts logistics of the customer.

For example, Amco manages spare parts for a global mining operation. If a component fails for a rig in South Africa, we have to be able to deliver the replacement parts in a timely efficient and efficient time frame whatever the global transport conditions including border restrictions and delays due to COVID 19.

Downtime costs and being ready to ship.

For customers, spare parts and components, fast and reliable maintenance and repair of broken-down production equipment continue to be particularly critical concerns – especially as the complexity and networking of production plants are increasing, and potential downtime costs are rising.

Amco not only manages the spare parts supply chain but also can provide quality inspection, sorting, quality containment & rework services of stock as it arrives at our warehousing to ensure that pre-delivery quality inspection (PDI) of parts, components, electrical and sub-assemblies and other materials can be done. This requirement is usually required before delivery to the manufacturing facility or in some cases to live mining facilities as part of a logistics service agreement.

Two particularly important factors in this process are the uncertain ( and certain), need for spare parts and the complications of minimum-cost procurement and warehousing that arise from this need.

Elements of Time Critical Parts Management Service

Inventory management and an effective Warehouse Management System

Having real-time visibility to your inventory from anywhere in the world

Delivery. From local courier to Next Flight Out, Hand Carry (OBC) and Virtual Hand Carry, urgent but cost-effective delivery to meet the service requirement

Reverse Logistics. Inventory management and tracking throughout the return and repair cycle

Quality Inspection and distribution

Helping Customers:

Decrease downtime for all our specialist industries: aerospace, automotive and manufacturing service industries.

1-24 hour delivery to customers

Increase service technician’s productivity

Reduce inventory carrying cost

Improve visibility to parts throughout the network

Assured accuracy of parts inventory due to PDI


Another example would be the critical movement of prototypes from say, China to a European location or factory to expedite the development of a vehicle or component assembly.

Important factors in this process are the need to have a clear knowledge of border and customs requirements (routes, Incoterms etc) and the administration and requirements for customs clearances, often requiring local languages and local partners. Amco’s International Team speak 15 languages.


In summary, whatever the time critical requirement, Amco has a dedicated team with proven expertise, localised knowledge and strong, reliable partners strengthened by our membership of the WCA (World Cargo Alliance).

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