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Benefits of Shipment Tracking

Posted on 31.07.2018

One vital element of successful supply chain management is shipment tracking. Both the sender and the recipient can benefit from the transparency and accountability brought by consignment tracking systems. Utilising mapping websites and GPS mobile devices to schedule vehicles allows business owners to have an insight on carrier performance, transportation costs and market trends as they manage their logistics as well as synthesise shipments and create real-time connections with customers. Shipment tracking gives peace of mind to customers as they receive information on the whereabouts of their orders throughout the shipping and delivery process.

Here are other advantages of shipment tracking to both the businesses and the customers:

Reduces potential costs caused by delays and missing packages

Shipment tracking allows the sender to be in control of their transportation and locate freight at any point in its journey. Shipment tracking technologies put businesses at ease with their capacity to monitor the status of packages sent in the mail and avert the risk of items going missing through the entire delivery process. Moreover, business management is provided with a ‘bird’s eye view’ of potential problems and delays that would mitigate unexpected costs.

Maximises performance and efficient processes

Shipment tracking technologies provide maximum production efficiency when integrated with warehouse logistics and other business systems such as purchase order systems. Potential delays in delivery can be relayed to customers more smoothly by utilising the information on the shipment’s progress. Additionally, business owners will be able to easily determine which mode or carrier is the most reliable.

Provides a better customer experience

Businesses can enhance their customer experience by generating positive sentiments when they are capable of properly and efficiently notifying users of the status, location and estimated time of arrival of their delivery. Although some customers tend to just complete their order and not think about it again until it arrives, most would still appreciate sufficient information about their order throughout the whole shipping and delivery process.

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