The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a UK Government IT platform for moving goods between Great Britain (Inc NI) and the EU. The GVMS system is estimated to need to process 400 million customs declarations per year.

If you’re the person moving the goods, generally this is a haulier, but it could be a carrier, trader, customs agent or freight forwarder moving goods through a port in the UK that uses the GVMS, you’ll need to register for the service to get your goods through customs.

You must register for GVMS if you’re UK or not UK based. This includes if you’re an independent driver transporting goods and doing your own customs paperwork or a company that sub-contracts to logistics companies and custom agents like AMCO, to pick up goods on behalf of another business.

If you are not registered for GVMS, you will not be able to board the ferry, aircraft, boat or shuttle and cross the GB/EU border. To register, CLICK HERE

The border locations that will use the GVMS to support pre-lodged customs controls for movements in Great Britain are HERE

Pre-lodgement customs controls work by making sure that the UK export and import paperwork are BOTH complete before the vehicle checks in at the port of departure (unless it is a transit movement).

HMRC will risk assess declarations and a message will be issued by the time goods arrive at the border informing the person in control of the goods (such as AMCO) if the goods have been cleared. This will make sure checks are only carried out if needed and most goods will be cleared to continue onwards on their journey on arrival.

At border locations operating a pre-lodgement control and using the GVMS to control goods, pre-lodged declaration references will need to be linked together with a single Goods Movement Reference (GMR).

Carriers will require hauliers to give them the reference generated by a GMR when they arrive to use the crossings on these routes. This applies even for empty vehicles making a crossing. Each GMR contains details for a single crossing and can be used only once.

A GMR is a number and a barcode and one GMR is needed for every vehicle, on every individual movement leaving Great Britain. Drivers must present the GMR at the port of departure to prove that their goods have pre-lodged all the necessary declarations.

The driver moving the goods should create the GMR, but it can be done by the transport manager, or the trader’s customs agent or freight forwarder (for example AMCO). You must only create one GMR per vehicle.

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