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How a pick and pack warehouse service could benefit your business

Posted on 27.06.2019

Businesses around the UK are beginning to take advantage of bonded warehousing, and the benefits that storing goods in a bonded warehouse can bring. For more information on bonded warehousing, check out our previous blog post. Whether you manage stock distribution or own a business, one of the main benefits of selecting bonded warehouse storage is the pick and pack service.

What is a pick and pack service?

In a UK bonded warehouse, goods will often arrive in one large delivery or consignment. As the goods are eventually sold they will need to be separated and picked and packed to fulfil different orders. An efficient pick and pack service is, therefore, an essential step in the supply chain of a company and is necessary for effective inventory management.

What are the benefits of warehouse picking?

Many industries stand to benefit from a bonded warehousing pick and pack service, including retailers, manufacturers and eCommerce stores. Just some of these benefits include…

• Fast delivery: Being able to offer customers and clients fast and efficient delivery services will make them more likely to place an order with a business.
• Positive reputation: If a customer has a positive delivery experience they are not only more likely to become a repeat customer but they will begin to further associate the company with reliability and dependability.
• Stock management: Having a dedicated pick and pack service ensures inventory data is constantly updated. This ensures any bulk orders made can be fulfilled, as the company will have a clear idea of the stock they have available.
• Stock protection: Storing your stock in a bonded warehouse ensures it can be stored safely. During a pick and pack service, the warehouse team will be able to identify any anomalies in stock, should they occur, preventing customers from receiving sub-par products.

Trust AMCO for bonded warehouse services

Since 1983 AMCO has provided exceptional warehousing and distribution services, including pick and pack services. Our team have the expert knowledge to effectively manage and organise inventory, ensuring your goods arrive at their desired destination on time and in the best condition possible. We are a UK-based company with international capabilities, for more information about our services, contact a member of our knowledgeable team today.