Air freight is a fast and efficient way to transport urgent cargo and consignments to your customers globally. However, there are many options to consider and not all goods can be transported using this method.

Knowing how air freight works is essential for any business that needs to ship time-critical goods to its customer.

Read our short guide to understand how our international freight service works and how it will benefit your business.

1. What Steps Will I Need to Follow?

These are the steps you’ll need to take to arrange the delivery of your shipment:

  1. Compare freight forwarding companies, select the one you want to work with, and agree on the cost.
  2. Your freight forwarder will collect the goods from your supplier and pack the goods if required.
  3. Next, your shipment will be delivered to the airport for clearance with customs.
  4. The goods are loaded on to the plane and will arrive within the agreed timeframe.
  5. Your shipment will be released upon arrival once customs give authorisation.
  6. Delivery is completed as per your arrangement with your freight forwarder.

2. Which Carrier Service is Best?

It’s important to choose the right option; these are the three main types:

  1. All-Cargo Carriers. These planes carry a broad range of goods but don’t accept passengers. This results in fewer restrictions, allowing you to add items of varying weight and size to your shipment.
  2. Integrated Carriers. One of the challenges when freight forwarding is transporting goods to and from the airport. Integrated carriers will courier your shipment from the drop-off location to the pick-up location for you.
  3. Combination Carriers. Carriers like these permit goods and passengers. This means some weight and size restrictions will apply.

3. How Quickly Will My Consignment Arrive?

You’ll agree on a timeframe with your freight forwarder first. As a general rule, expect your shipment to take between 5-10 days to reach its destination. This is still faster than shipping, which could entail a journey time of 20-45 days.

4. How Will I Know When My Shipment is Delivered?

Your goods will be tracked from departure point to destination. At all times, you’ll have sight of your consignment- thanks to electronic tracking technology, there won’t be any surprises.

5. What’s The Best Way to Get an Air Freight Quote?

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