Amco was managing an unusual construction project in Liverpool, UK.

In Liverpool’s Hope Street there has been some unusual construction activity recently, changing the skyline and street frontage and stimulating much interest. Pre-constructed ‘modules’ containing finished apartments, are being stacked, lego-like, to form new, high-quality accommodation for students. Services, electricity and plumbing, are simply ‘plugged-in’ as the units are stacked. The finished complex is then covered in an outer skin to complete the new building.

Amco has been at the heart of the process, working in partnership with an imaginative, innovating construction business, which has developed the individual units, constructed mainly from timber.

“It’s a fascinating logistics project,” explains Emma Phillips, Amco’s Business Development Manager. “The units are constructed in Latvia, we ship them into Liverpool and then transport them to the Hope Street site where the massive crane we have commissioned lifts the units into place. It’s amazing to see them being slotted together, each one taking just eight minutes to install.”

The project has required Amco to draw on all of its services and area of expertise. Emma continues: “We call it our ‘Logistics Plus’ service – managing the project entirely, from the wide load escorted haulage transport down to the sourcing of the content for the apartments, such as TVs and refrigerators. The Amco team has been able to make full use of all its procurement and project management skills; sourcing wall brackets for TVs at one end of the scale and arranging for street furniture to be moved to allow access for the units and trucks at the other.  This method of construction is a quick and economic way to develop and build, but requires high levels of technical and logistics expertise.

“These are certainly testing projects,” concludes Emma, “but we’re more than a match for them. We can’t wait to get started on the next one – there are several on the horizon for us, including the development of a block of luxury apartments and more student accommodation.”