The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend gave us all a weekend to cherish and treasure. We saw many things, from military parades to church bell rings at St Paul’s Cathedral and a Party at the Palace concert. In addition, tens of thousands of street parties across the country and sky-lighting firework displays were shown courtesy of the BBC.

Jubilee Fireworks

Yet, in amongst all the pomp and cheer, one of our customers had a challenge to overcome. They needed to ensure the Queen’s Jubilee bash went off with a bang. Boxes and boxes of fireworks needed to be delivered to the Queen’s Jubilee venue in London from Birmingham airport following the consignment’s 12-hour air charter flight from Ohio, USA. At this point, no road freight solution was in place for the final leg of the journey.

Dangerous Goods TRANSPORT

Weighing 395kg and containing explosives, the goods had to be handled with care and without delay for this prestigious event. Our customer required a reliable transport service provider with proven experience, local knowledge, and expertise in moving dangerous goods. So, AMCO were called into action.

To ensure the final leg of the journey was done safely, on time and with the goods fully intact at the right location, efficient communication between AMCO, the customer and the Carrier was key. We deployed one of our time-critical HGVs, along with a dangerous goods qualified Driver. Upon arrival at Birmingham airport, our driver took control of the consignment.

Safe Journey

Ready and prepared, we quality-checked the cargo and ensured all paperwork was in order before carefully loading and securing the goods into one of our famous black and red HGVs. Once checks completed, the fireworks began their 105-mile journey, arriving safely at the final destination. With a sign of relief, royalty, guests and fans all over the world could now enjoy the Jubilee fireworks display as planned.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from the customer highlights AMCO’s competence. Throughout the whole process, communication and service levels were very high. Ultimately, AMCO customers feel at ease, even during high-profile jobs.

Dangerous Goods Experts

Shipping dangerous goods can be tricky. So, If you need to store or send dangerous goods abroad, we can help. Be rest assured, we are the leading Industry experts for exporting/importing dangerous goods across the globe with a team of 15+ fully trained agents ready to support and deliver on your needs.

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