AMCO, the UK-based supply chain services provider that delivers logistics, warehousing, customs, and logistics packaging solutions across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, proudly announces it was exclusively granted “The Manufacturing Supply Chain Excellence Award” at this year’s “Supply Chain Excellence Awards”.


The awards, acknowledged as the gold standard in supply chain management, recognise organisations that demonstrate excellence and innovation. This year, the number of entrants reached record highs, almost 300 submissions from 150+ distinct companies, surpassing previous participation levels.

AMCO win Supply Chain Excellence Award
This accolade, presented at the prestigious award ceremony held on November 9th in London, marks AMCO’s out-of-the-box thinking and contribution to supply chain innovation and excellence.

AMCO’s achievement underscores its exceptional expertise in navigating complex logistics challenges, especially within the automotive sector.

A distinguished jury of internationally renowned experts from the logistics industry awarded AMCO for its multimodal, out-of-the-box logistics solution for its OEM Tier 1 customer, a leading automotive seat manufacturer.


The challenge – transport raw leather material from Scotland to Morocco for seat leather manufacturing. Then, deliver the final products to the major automotive OEM back in the UK.

The Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority initially impeded direct air chartering to Morocco due to a lengthy permit process. However, AMCO quickly devised an alternative plan, a meticulous indirect multimodal solution involving road, air, and sea transportation.

The raw leather material was road-freighted from Scotland to Birmingham International Airport, then air-freighted to Malaga, Spain. From there, it underwent another road journey to Algeciras, Spain, and finally took a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. AMCO completed this phase within 24-hours, surpassing the 59-hour duration of the direct airfreight option, which encompassed the permit delay.

To bring the finished seat leathers back to the UK after manufacturing, AMCO utilised various air freight options. This included Onboard Courier, Next Flight Out, and Air Charter flights. Remarkably, during the two-month period, 1,670 seat leathers were successfully transported without a single flight delay.


AMCO’s customer contact at the seating manufacturer commented:

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to AMCO for their exceptional services. I’d like to give a special shout-out to David Burck, AMCO’s International Director, who oversaw the project from inception to completion with 110% commitment, visiting our production facility in Morocco to ensure success.”


“AMCO’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment ensured efficient project execution, contributing significantly to our business success. Thank you AMCO, for your outstanding support and partnership.”


Award-winning AMCO continues to deliver time and time again for the automotive industry, and other industry sectors alike that expect precision, reliability, and cost-effective solutions as standard.


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