In the wake of Iran’s missile and drone attacks on Israel, global air travel has been affected. Airlines are grappling with significant disruption to flights, impacting routes between Europe and Asia. The aftermath of these attacks has narrowed options for airlines, affecting operations for over a dozen major carriers.

Impact on GLOBAL Air Travel

Experts warn of potential inflationary impacts on airfares in the near term due to the volatile situation.

Uncertainty surrounding the conflict is expected to lead to longer flying times, fuel price increases, and disruptions in flying schedules.

Businesses may experience air freight capacity challenges and could face higher costs as airlines adjust to the evolving situation.

Impact on Air Travel Costs

 Challenges for Trade Routes

The recent seizure of the container vessel, MSC Aries, has further escalated risks for trades passing through the region. These developments compound challenges for exporters, particularly those navigating the volatile freight rates amid the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Impact on European Importers

European importers are already feeling the effects of these disruptions, reporting inventory shortages due to delays in shipments. With the prospect of a 10-15% increase in airfreight costs, as well as possible further delays and cancellations, importers are facing a challenging landscape.

Response and Monitoring OF GLOBAL AIR TRAVEL

AMCO is closely monitoring the situation and is committed to keeping its customers up to date on any logistical developments. The priority remains on minimising disruption to customer’s operations and providing support to affected parties during this uncertain time.


As tensions persist in the Middle East, the aviation and trade industries brace for continued challenges, particularly regarding global air travel. While the situation remains fluid, stakeholders are urged to stay informed and prepared for potential impacts on air travel and trade routes, something AMCO are monitoring very closely.


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