Being able to accurately locate and track your air or sea freight is of paramount importance to you as a business and for us as your forwarder. It means you can plan; we can manage.

Knowing at any time, where your goods are, anywhere in the world, and what the onward journey is, port to port, or airport to airport in real time with live map tracking, can have a massive impact on your sales plan or your customer’s expectations, because you can have confidence in your import or export timelines; this is equally important to us at Amco, managing your shipment, being proactive and knowing if we can, and need, to intervene.

Keeping our customers informed via automatic live updates of arrival at port or airport and onward movement means the shipment’s journey progression and any disruption to the planned schedule can be communicated and managed, keeping everyone informed and up to date, managing expectations and prompting any required logistics intervention from us, to expedite your shipment to its point of delivery.

Should an issue arise, we can notify our customers of any disruption to their shipment in real-time. This allows us to take corrective action (if possible) immediately, minimising any delays to the consignment.

Logit One™ enables us to manage and control end-to-end, multi-leg shipments spanning multiple countries, modes and parties. It is truly multi-modal and works with our Transport Management System (TMS) presenting a harmonised and coherent picture to our customers.

Why do Amco Provide Live Real Time Visibility of Where your Shipment Is?

Supply chain visibility and reliable freight schedule information is one of the main challenges in the logistics industry, often having blind spots when it comes to accurate shipment timings and reliable scheduling.

Amco wants to take our customer service to the next level through the investment and utilisation of digital solutions. We use a world standard digital solution called Logit One™.

How Does it Work?

Logit One™ is a data driven solution that integrates multiple data sources and artificial intelligence to enable real time visibility of shipment. It does not depend on expensive tracking devices or hardware.

Competitor systems provide limited information, e.g no shipment loading times and no port departure information, providing so little real time information therefore means little control.

Logit One™ eliminates blind spots through the shipping journey, which enables Amco to provide our customers with accurate updates, including being able to proactively inform customers of shipping delays to better manage their own business processes. Knowing about delays in real-time also allows Amco to plan corrective measures and manage alternative solutions, such as selecting an alternative discharge port to help meet pre-planned deadlines.

Amco’s investment in IT and cloud-based platforms provides further added value to our customers, continuing to provide high levels of customer service based on reliable digital data. The Logit One™ platform and its tools enable Amco to work smarter and closer with our customers, helping to manage our customer’s supply chain challenges.

Logit One™ is now embedded in Amco’s IT system and we are the ONLY UK logistics business to harness the power of this real-time integrated system that helps us stay informed and in control.

To find out more about shipment safe tracking for your air freight and sea freight get in touch with our International team on +44 (0) 1905 758 000 or contact us here.