Logistics plays a vital role in most industries, however, logistics for automotive is perhaps more reliant than others. From energy, healthcare, and pharma, to retail, I.T and telecoms, logistics can make or break a business.

For example, a typical car is comprised of 15,000 to 20,000 components, many from different locations around the world. Therefore, bringing all of those components together can be challenging to say the least. All sorts of potential issues can result in shipment delays, and late shipments can halt entire production lines.


logistics for automotive

One of our prestigious Automotive manufacturing customers needed a large shipment of critical parts moving to one of its manufacturing plants in the UK from Italy, within hours. So, we moved quickly!

37 pallets of high-value automotive components were in Cremona, Italy. They had to be shipped urgently into the UK, cleared through GB Customs and delivered to site in the Midlands.


time critical air charter solution

A costly production-line stoppage was a real threat. However, AMCO were determined to not let that happen. Right away, we put into action an end-to-end Time-Critical Logistics Air Charter solution.

Firstly, the goods were loaded upon an Air Charter Antonov AN12 cargo plane in Italy, just 4 hours after the initial enquiry. All 11 tonnes of the shipment landed safely in the UK a few hours later. After that, one of our famous red and black HGVs, already at the airport, loaded and escorted the cargo along its final leg of the journey. As a result, it was successfully delivered direct to the customer’s manufacturing plant just a few miles away.


proactive customs clearance

We handled the complete Customs Clearance process for the customer. We prepared the Customs documents whilst the Cargo was en route, keeping the customer fully up to date throughout the whole process with a mix of digital aids and lots of verbal updates.


reliable logistics for automotive

As a result, all 37 pallets were delivered on time, in full and within 10 hours, avoiding a costly production-line stoppage. So, if you need to move goods urgently to and from anywhere in the world, give AMCO a call. We cover all industry verticals worldwide, from Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas, to Fashion & Retail, Electronics, Industrial and more.

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