3RD Party Warehousing 3PL

3rd Party Logistics, to us, means always adding value services related to the customers’ needs

What is a 3rd party logistics provider (3PL)?

As a 3rd Party Logistics (also known as 3PL) provider, Amco provide outsourced logistics services to ensure we can provide full end-to-end logistics services.

As a 3rd party warehouse, we specialise in integrated operations, warehousing, and transportation services which we can upscale and customise to meet individual customer requirements. Customer needs change depending on seasonality, market conditions and delivery requirements for the products they offer. This can vary for Amco from small vehicle components, vehicle body and chassis parts to equipment, garden furniture, and electrical parts and everything in between.

3PL to us means adding value services related to the customers’ needs that could be related to procurement, bringing goods in from different locations around the world into one centralised hub, where they can be sequenced, sourcing materials or components and shipping them into one of our centres or integration of our EDI systems in to our customer systems; integration of our supply chain. Some would refer to Amco as 3PSCM or a third-party supply chain management provider.

We include in our 3PL profile of services, freight forwarding courier services as well as partner services for integrating software systems, and subcontracted logistics and transport services.

End-to-end 3rd party logistics (3PL)

We offer 3PL pick, pack and despatch services for all types of business including e commerce platforms, where we may procure, ship, import, warehouse and then distribute. This of course could include all customs paper work and even require the language skills of one or more of our 15 different language speakers.

Adding value through 3PL

As a 3PL and services developer, we offer our customers advanced and added values services which include track and trace, geo fencing, cross docking, customised packaging and technical IT services to support these activities.

Some customers see us adding value through 3rd Party Warehousing – (3PL) by asking Amco to take over the control of a customer’s activities, improving their customer services and logistics by bringing everything together under one provider. This can include call centre management and order processing ( in the case of ecommerce). In this type of activity is we act as a customer adapter.

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