As the Automotive Industry revs up to restart and upscale manufacturing Amco tell the story of how they are ready to support their strongest sector and how their time-critical strength and membership of the WCA is a winning formula.

Vital to any manufacturing industry is the ability to rely on time-critical logistics services. Many of Amco customers need parts, prototypes and components for production in a hurry and some require components from distant suppliers or often overseas, as part of a breakdown or tool failure.

Amco’s Worcester based time-critical team, speak 15 languages between them and this helps enormously when negotiating rates, talking to customs, seeking support and tracking consignments, as we can often speak the local language. It also helps to develop and strengthen relationships and partnerships which in turn help to expedite the logistics.

We are also members of the World Cargo Alliance Time-Critical network. The WCA has over 9,282 member offices in 190 countries around the world and is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders.

The combined logistics might of the WCA membership exceeds that of even the world’s largest multinational freight forwarders.

Our time-critical membership of the WCA means we have had to demonstrate our capability prove our expertise and experience across the range of time-critical logistics.

Part of the measurement for membership of WCA was to demonstrate our ability to arrange emergency road freight, express airfreight and air chartering services. Every angle of keeping our customer businesses running smoothly, whatever the industry.

Amco as a business consider some of the following points crucial in providing the service levels expected and required by the WCA Time-Critical Network:

  • Making sure our Amco logistics team are available 24/7 365 and with emergency back up
  • Immediate and accurate response to customer requirements
  • Clear and accurate lines of communication – especially during out of office hours
  • Quickest possible transit times at the most cost-effective price.

We have proven our abilities with managing domestic partnerships and the effective operation of our own Live Satellite controlled vehicle fleet. Our fleet can be double manned if required to optimise delivery times. We have direct access to the quickest airfreight options.

Amco consider ourselves to be amongst the world’s finest independent freight forwarders with a core focus on international time sensitive logistics and we have constantly demonstrated our capability to handle customised logistics solutions on behalf of customer that demand extremely rapid and reliable services