Out of Gauge (OOG)

providing you with the most cost-effective Out of Gauge (OOG) Cargo solution


Commonly known as OOG, Out Of Gauge Cargo is any Cargo that cannot be loaded into a six-sided container. This typically applies to industrial-sized machinery, plant equipment, long metal goods and various building equipment.

Overly large, bulky or difficult to contain shipments require expert solutions with some clever thinking. It’s also beneficial to know the local language and localised customs knowledge.


AMCO is on hand to support those businesses whose cargo does not fit inside a standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container. We have an extensive network of specialist vehicles and trusted network partners at our disposal, providing you with the most cost-effective Out Of Gauge Cargo solution, no matter the size or quantity of your goods.

With extensive experience with OEMs and manufacturers across the globe, AMCO provide cost and time effective solutions for OOG requirements, with a range of Out Of Gauge Cargo solutions for a multitude of industry sectors, including Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail and Pharmaceuticals.

Of note, we have had great success with tooling for Automotive OEMs and particularly in those Time Critical sectors.


Our dedicated Transport team is able to manage the transport of heavy, long or tall goods, such as metal frames, building equipment, cranes or rail components using Open Top Containers.



Delivering all types of cargo safely and on schedule, our fully flexible Out Of Gauge Cargo services utilise Flatbed Containers, otherwise known as Platform Containers.

Featuring no sides, ends or roof, Platform Containers or Flatbed Containers are ideal for large goods such as Diggers and Dumpers. Flatbed Containers can also be combined to strengthen the flooring during transportation. Once your container has been loaded, it is then covered with a tarp sheet to protect it from rain and seawater.



Saving time during the cargo loading and unloading process, Flat Rack Containers provide flexibility for all your other abnormal sized loads. Flat Rack Containers only have walls at the short end of the container, making them the perfect choice for machinery, building materials or vehicles.


We advise on the best and most cost-effective solutions be it by air, road or sea. We arrange all necessary clearances and permissions either in the UK or overseas. We sort out timings and permits from the authorities, every country we operate in has a different set of rules and it’s down to our specialists to iron out any potential issues, planning meticulously. There are different rules and laws for time of movement, size of guidelines and often restrictions on what can be moved and how.

We can guarantee a safe, stress-free and prompt arrival of all shipments nationally and internationally. One of the most effective ways to ensure stress-free, smooth movement of OOG cargo is partnering with an experienced logistics company, with a proven track record.

When it comes to moving oversized or heavy consignment’s, safety is at the top of the list. Safe movements can only be achieved by planning a clear strategy, with perfect execution.



AMCO provides a fully flexible logistics solution for all your Out Of Gauge Cargo. Providing scalable logistics at an affordable price, our team have experience in shipping all types of cargo, offering you the technical expertise, secure handling and first-class knowledge to help move all of your Out Of Gauge Cargo, safely and efficiently.

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