Adding value through 3PL

As a 3PL and services developer, we offer our customers advanced and added values services which include track and trace, geo fencing, cross docking, customised packaging and technical IT services to support these activities.

Some customers see us adding value through 3rd Party Warehousing –  (3PL) by asking Amco to take over the control of a customer’s activities, improving their customer services and logistics by bringing everything together under one provider. This can include call centre management and order processing ( in the case of ecommerce). In this type of activity is we act as a  customer adapter.

As a Customer Developer, Amco integrates our business processes and activities into our customers. We take over the total logistics function and implement extensive, complex and detailed tasks, fitting into our customer’s structure and being able to adapt to changing customer needs as market forces determine.

For more information or to discuss your needs with one of our 3rd Party Warehousing specialists call us on +44 (0)1905 7580 and see our Amco Group Website