The demands of the OEM and in turn Tier 1 and Tier 2  suppliers means we are constantly looking for efficiencies to add even more value to our supply chain. We believe JIS is amongst our strongest USPs and a definite order winner.

It is our Amco aim to offer flexibility; aligning manufacturing and supply chains in such a well-managed fashion that there is no down time and very little stock required.

Our JIT processes leave the stock with the supplier as much as possible and only warehouse when absolutely necessary and for a short a time as necessary. Delivering to the OEM and production line when needed.

For example: We ship and collect vehicle dashboard assemblies from overseas, and sub-assemblies for elsewhere and delivery them to production when they are needed and in the order they are used.

The Amco JIS/JIT solution is linked to OEM production and encompasses the whole JIS process from receiving a data call off via EDI, to sequencing, implementation of traceability and delivery scheduling.

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