Freight Forwarding

We maintain Ccmplete control and strong communication with our clients about Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a key part of our Amco logistics operations and we understand the importance of right time, right place and right service.

What goes into choosing a great logistics provider?

Don’t know who to trust with your goods?

Ask Amco. A member of BIFA. The leading Body representing the UK International Freight Forwarding Services Industry.


The science and processes of organising shipments for individuals or businesses to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution is complexed and takes resources, talent, contacts and a great network.

Amco are very well connected. We specialise in importing and exporting from specific countries, working with our global network of partners, agents and overseas offices for local delivery or pick up in other countries. Freight Forwarding is a key part of our overall Amco logistics operations and we understand the importance of right time, right place and right service. The FRIEGHTOS survey identified that service is the differentiator for freight forwarding and the importance of expertise.


At Amco we offer a superior service backed up by systems giving us complete control and strong communication with our customer throughout the whole freight forwarding process. We provide a reliable, consistent and personalised freight forwarding service that lets us manage the detail and the logistics, and let’s you the customer concentrate on your next job.

Amco is all about personal and added value services, whilst establishing relationships that really matter. Our logistics teams are multi-lingual and tech savvy and ready for the shift into the massive digital transformation that puts optimised core business processes in place and works towards eliminating manual intervention where time is wasted on time consuming activities.

As we look to the future, continuing to bring ongoing efficiencies into supply chains and offering fully integrated services will remain key aims for Amco, as will the further extension of our customer facing online systems, geo-fencing technology and detailed tracking systems, delivering even greater levels of information, control and efficiency to our customers.

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