Will you be stockpiling ahead of Brexit?

Do you need space NOW?

Peter Pilsner, the Business and Transport Correspondent for BBC Midlands Today spotted Amco Services warehouse facility ‘Amco Park’ on Stowga (the on-demand marketplace for buying and selling warehousing and logistics services), and approached Stowga’s CEO Charlie Pool and Amco’s Brexit expert and Head of Supply Chain Compliance, Stuart Tooze  to arrange an interview for BBC Midlands Today.

The TV interview took place at Amco Park our flagship bonded warehouse facility in Redditch.

BBC Midlands Today correspondent Peter Pilsner was pressing for answers as to whether warehousing and logistics companies should be preparing themselves for a stampede for space ahead of Brexit.

Amco’s Stuart Tooze was the voice of calm and even though Amco themselves have recently secured 4 new contracts in the automotive sector, there is still plenty of room within their facilities across the Midlands.

“A lot of our clients are concerned about the potential implications of Brexit. In our experience, it is industries such as Automotive which could be hit the hardest. These companies rely on Just-In-Time deliveries to keep up with production. The integrated EU/UK supply chains work in minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months. Automotive Suppliers are tied into Service Level Agreements and the consequences of delays because of border controls Post-Brexit would be disastrous. We know of companies who have incurred hundreds of thousands of pounds in penalties for failure to meet their Service Level Agreements, but stockpiling means ordering extra parts, shipping and storage all of which carries significant costs which are unlikely to be covered in pre-Brexit contracts.  We are poised and ready to support our Clients with warehousing and logistics, but this leaves many in a state of flux waiting to see what happens next…”

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