Despite the increase in global trade, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding the convenience and cost of shipping items overseas. If you are considering shipping your items to customers via overseas import services, it’s important to debunk the many untruths that surround the industry.

1) It is bad for the environment

A number of businesses make the mistake of assuming that the number of enormous cargo ships sailing through the ocean must have a devastating impact on the environment, but this isn’t the case. Shipping goods via sea freight is actually one of the most eco-friendly methods of transportation available as cargo ships emit extremely low levels of greenhouse gases.

2) Sea shipments are difficult to track

In most courier services, tracking has become a staple. Whether customers order an item from Amazon or ship them overseas, the ability to keep track of every movement their shipments and parcels make is an expectation that many consumers have. Depending on the destination or route the sea freight takes, it can take a number of days to reach the customer’s location, so it’s easy to assume that you won’t be able to keep track of it. However, cargo ships are equipped with extremely complex GPS systems that make detailed tracking extremely likely, providing there is a streamlined system of communication within your company.

3) Sea freight is expensive

The price of shipping items overseas varies depending on the type of cargo that you are attempting to transport. If you’re transporting goods in bulk, it is generally cheaper then using liner shipping. Sea freight is generally far cheaper than alternative transport methods such as road or air freight for bulk items because duty and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the costs of goods plus the cost of exporting.

4) Only container shipments can be sent via sea freight

It’s a common assumption that you need to fill an entire container with goods to be able to send it via sea freight, but in fact, less-than-container loads (LCL) are becoming more popular for businesses looking to ship goods quickly. LCLs make it possible for goods to be placed in containers with other shipments until they are sorted at their destination.

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