A UK bonded warehouse is a secure warehouse facility that’s covered by customs rules, meaning companies that export goods will often use them to store their products.

But why else might you use bonded warehousing?

Here’s six reasons why it might be the type of warehousing your business needs.

1. Most warehouses hold goods for years

When it comes to bonded warehouses, most of them will agree to hold items for at least four years if not more. The warehouses will be fully equipped to preserve the quality of goods properly, whatever your company produces.

With most bonded warehouses having access to dry containers, bulk storage and deep-freeze systems, it shouldn’t matter what your products are.

2. Bonded warehouses are very safe

There will usually be a 24/7 security team monitoring the warehouse as well as an effort to keep security technology up-to-date, with regular checks on equipment like security cameras. There will also be an effort to ensure all products stored are properly documented, using bar coding and inventory checks.

3. Taxes are deferred

One of the best aspects of bonded warehouses is that payment of VAT and duty taxes on the goods are deferred until they have gone. While your items are in a bonded warehouse, you will be provided with a bond by the manager. The bond promises there will be no revenue lost if the items are released from the warehousing.

4. They’re usually affiliated with freight forwarding companies

When it comes to warehousing and distribution, many bonded warehouses are actually linked with freight forwarding companies and so deliveries and logistics are pretty much sorted when you start storing at the warehouse. It’s an amazing way to simplify the storage and distribution part of your business.

5. You can store anything

One amazing aspect of a bonded warehouse is there are no restrictions on what type of product you can store in there. It doesn’t matter about the size, shape, material or whether it’s a perishable good or not, you’ll be able to store it in the bonded warehouse and there will be necessary conditions provided for you to do so.

6. You can buy different packages

Another great feature of choosing a bonded warehouse solution is that there are various packages customers can opt for. Often it can be completely bespoke to your business needs as well. You will usually go through an evaluation of your warehouse needs and following that, a customised solution will be offered to you.

If you need help with choosing your bonded warehouse solution, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Amco Services today to discuss your needs.