Many businesses that export products abroad use bonded warehousing facilities. These are a secured space where imported goods can be stored whilst waiting for the duty taxes to be paid and for the shipping logistics to be sorted out. Some bonded warehouses are owned by the government while others are operated by private companies. However, privately-owned bonded warehouses need a posted customs bond and some customs supervision. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a bonded warehouse.

Long-term option

Most facilities will agree to store your goods for up to 5 years or more. This gives businesses an added measure of convenience when shipping internationally. Some companies ship their products to a bonded warehouse and then wait to release them to market until the demand increases.

Quality preservation

Most bonded warehouses can accommodate all types of products, goods and materials. They also have the appropriate equipment and storage systems that can help preserve the quality of your goods. Some of them have dry containers, deep-freeze systems or bulk storage facilities that will cater to any kind of business from any industry.

Duty deferment

In a bonded warehouse, the payment of VAT and other duty taxes on various goods will be deferred until they have been removed and shipped. While your products or goods are stored in a bonded facility, the warehouse manager will provide you with a bond that can ensure that your business will not have a loss of revenue.

Item safety

With bonded warehouses, you do not have to worry about your goods, as there are security personnel who monitor the space 24 hours a day. There are also updated and efficient security methods like security cameras, bar coding systems, and inventory systems that can guarantee that all goods stored are well documented and preserved.

Processing efficiency

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