What is a bonded warehouse?

Otherwise known as a customs warehouse, a bonded warehouse is a highly secured facility that follows stringent customs regulations. This is essentially a duty-free zone where imported consignments, stocks and goods for export can stay inside the country without formally entering the market. In bonded warehousing, companies are not required to settle import tax and value-added tax (VAT) until the items are sold.

Here are some known benefits of using a bonded warehouse for businesses:

  • Full logistical support – Bonded warehouses are modern facilities equipped with a fleet of equipment and vehicles to meet the logistics, distribution and storage that your business demands. Frequently, companies that provide bonded warehousing services have business ties with freight-forwarding companies.
  • Excellent location – Storing your goods in a bonded warehouse can guarantee faster and safer turnarounds of pick up and deliveries as they are typically based in viable locations that allow convenient travel links for road, sea and air freight.
  • Save money on taxes – One of the key features of securing a bonded warehouse for your business is the deferred payment of taxes. The goods can stay in the facility duty-free until there is a sales demand for them. In addition, there is no need to pay at all for import duty if you are exporting your goods to countries that are not a member of the European Union. (EU)
  • Safe and secured storage guaranteed – Bonded warehouses are designed to accommodate different types of products. They are built to store the biggest, most delicate or most expensive items. They are equipped with security features and are also regularly monitored by staff and security personnel.
  • Hassle-free pick, pack, and dispatch feature – This is a key feature that you need to look for when enquiring about bonded warehouse facilities. It is a customised and holistic business solution that enables online retailers, manufacturers and e-commerce distance e-tailers to outsource their inventory management, order fulfilment, stock control and deliveries.

Amco Park

Amco Park is our 110,000 square feet customs bonded warehouse facility located in Redditch, England. Designed and developed to a high specification on an impressive 10.7-acre site the warehouse features state of the art management systems and a high level of security. Amco Park is a UK HMRC custom bonded enhanced remote transit shed (ERTS) facility in the Midlands with exceptional travel networks for land, air and sea freight services.

At Amco, our bonded warehouse service includes management of all customs documentation, safe, secure and high-tech storage for your goods, flexible terms and storage space and pick and pack service. Call our specialist team on +44 (0)1905 758000 to request for a free quotation or secure a bonded warehouse space today.