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Top tips: Using a bonded warehouse to your advantage

Posted on 22.11.2019

Bonded warehouses are often used without thinking. But in time-critical logistics, we know that your business needs to make the most of every trade choice you make. With Brexit on the horizon, and the impact of the UK’s departure from the UK still largely unknown, using a bonded warehouse could be the safe and stable decision your company needs right now. We take a look at some top tips for using a bonded warehouse to benefit your company.

What is a bonded warehouse?

First, let’s take a look at what a bonded warehouse is. A bonded warehouse is essentially a place to store goods intended for the UK market, without paying tax or customs duty until they are sold. This can be really beneficial in a fast-paced changing market, as it allows companies the flexibility to sell on at the best possible price.

Do the research

Not all bonded warehouses are created equal. Each system has its own set of advantages, so make sure that they meet your company’s needs in advance. All logistics companies will acknowledge your need to plan ahead to make sure your company gets the best deal. However, the best companies will want to actively help you in this decision making. At Amco, for example, we encourage potential customers to get in touch for an informal chat about their needs. This means we can help them find a tailored solution for their business.

Plan ahead with paperwork

Paperwork will always be a tricky task, and logistics paperwork is renowned for being a headache. However, regardless of its complexity, it will always be easier if you tackle it early on. Having a dedicated team to ensure paperwork is done on time can improve efficiency and accuracy. At Amco, we know that changing regulations, especially those still up in the air thanks to Brexit, can add a layer of difficulty your company doesn’t need. Our experts are here to help, just give us a call and we can help you iron out the details. Our one important tip: start any paperwork in plenty of time.

So whether you are in the business of road, rail, air freight or sea freight, planning ahead and doing your research are vitally important in your search for the right bonded warehouse. Logistics is a business sector that often needs to move fast, and your business can achieve this flexibility with the right warehousing solution.