Our expert Logistics Consultants are proactive and process driven

Logistics consulting is about knowledge, expertise and partnerships that can help navigate customs and culture, laws and transportation challenges.

Why do I need logistics consulting? Moving products and goods from one part of the globe to another, from city to town or from one city location to another, on time and in good order is a complex, fragmented, shifting practice that is often process-driven and sometimes based on knowledge in a local language and the shake of a hand. As Logistics Consultants, AMCO understand and have the contacts and knowledge to navigate and guide your business through the complexity.

Complex import/export and customs terms and laws, in countries around the globe, can be difficult to understand and navigate without a vast knowledge bank and plenty of expertise and partners ‘on the ground’.

Logistics consulting for your world

Logistics Consulting is about knowledge, expertise and partnerships that can help navigate customs and culture, laws and transportation challenges across the logistic value chain; anticipating issues, developing tactics and strategies that mean AMCO customers deliver on time and with pride.

AMCO has worked in Logistics Consulting from the very beginning of the company’s formation. In 1983 AMCO was established as AMCO Services (Motorsport) as a specialist shipping and freight forwarding agency for the motorsport industry, shipping F1 cars, teams and equipment all around the world.

Today we are able to offer a suite of logistics consultancy services from regulatory advice, incoterms analysis and management, sourcing and procurement, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process – an automotive supply chain process), commodity code verification (classification for duty or VAT) 3PL solutions, difficult or hazardous cargo movement as well as inventory management, import and export advice, supply chain management and JIT / JIS solutions.

Our expert Logistics Consulting team are proactive and process driven. We speak over 15 languages in-house and our network on the ground is established and respected.

Our Logistics Consultants will develop an effective logistics strategy and implement the tactics required to achieve that strategy, be measured ( KPIs) and using 改善 Kaizen techniques to continually improve driving efficiency up and costs down.

Logistics Consultants For Your World

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