Servicing the global logistics needs of international organisations for over 35 years

The Amco business has been servicing the global logistics needs of international organisations, 1st and 2nd tier manufacturers, and OEMs across Automotive, Airspace, and Defence for over 35 years.

Part of our services to these customers has included tool movements from worldwide manufacturers to the end users manufacturing facilities. Often complicated and time critical, Amco has mastered handling and shipping, customs clearing, and all the complex processes involved in a successful shipment of often very valuable tooling.

These sectors of customers recognise the Amco skill, expertise, care, and consideration when shipping these often complicated pieces of tooling. Logic is at the heart of everything Amco – and Amco Tool division now handles the end to end proposition so many customers can now benefit from.

Tool Prototyping

We have the expertise and capacity to build both Low Volume and Serial tools and have a partnership with Internationally renowned and respected 3D Systems who produce our 3D models and prototypes from any of their 88 digital 3D printing units across 22 sites in the UK and Europe.

Tool Manufacture

We can provide Low Volume & Serial Production Tooling from any of our partner toolmakers, all of whom have extensive manufacturing experience supplying European OEM’s and 1st and 2nd tier manufacturers.

Amco Tooling

Our team can provide full Purchase Order to Part delivery services using the extensive Amco UK teams and our China based manufacturing and support partners.

Tooling Finance

Amco Tools are probably unique in the market with a tool service that includes our ability to fund tooling builds offering competitive and flexible payment terms to PSW (Part Submission Warrant) and amortisation options.

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