Introduced to streamline the way Air Cargo is cleared before uplift onto an aircraft, Known Consignor was an EU Directive implemented in full on 29th April 2013.

What is a Known Consignor?

A Known Consignor is an alternative way of meeting Air Cargo security requirements. Regardless of the destination, Air Cargo that originates from a Known Consignor does not require further examination before uplift onto an aircraft.

AMCO, based in the Midlands (UK), have a specialist team of Known Consignors who are required to meet and maintain a high level of security, ensuring all Air Cargo is safe to be loaded onto an aircraft. We have demonstrated that we have the strictest security measures in place and can secure Air Cargo from where it originates. (This is until it is handed to another regulated business).

No longer approved by a Regulated Agent, a Known Consignor must now be audited and certified by the Federal Aviation Office in Braunschweig. Without a Known Consignor Status there may be a marked increase in the amount of Air Cargo a Regulated Agent needs to check which can lead to delays and additional costs.

However, there is actually no legal requirement for Air Cargo to be dispatched as Secure Cargo (SPX); Insecure Cargo can still be shipped, although it will be subject to additional security measures before it is allowed to fly.

Who Originates your Cargo?

As a Known Consignor, you must know what is in your Cargo and where it originates. Confirming that the contents of each Box, Package or Parcel does not contain any unauthorised explosives.

With the Known Consignor Scheme there are two types of Businesses who ‘Originate’ Cargo:

A business that manufactures, assembles or produces goods to be transported by aircraft or, a business that invests in the security of its Supply Chain by taking certain measures to increase security. This way it is relieved of the need to have its goods controlled and avoids potential delays and additional screening costs.

Logistics for your World

Today, AMCO as 3PL (Third Party Logistics), and as an International Logistics Service Provider (LSP), are experts at utilising our own experienced teams and strategic partners.

AMCO have a proven and enviable track record in International Supply Chain Management and Logistics meaning we can provide much more than just Transport, Warehousing and Storage.