Businesses that need to transport freight from China to the UK have experienced some turbulence in recent months. This has come in the form of three challenges: Brexit, COVID-19, and the pandemic.

Widespread disruption has ensued in terms of container shortages, rising air freight costs, and fully-booked rail services. International logistics is, in short, facing one of its biggest challenges in decades.

Fortunately, we have a viable solution for businesses that need to transport goods by road and in large volumes.

How can we help you transport oversees freight from China cost-effectively and without unacceptable waits?

Read on to find out how…

China To Europe Road Freight Initiative

Reviving the historic silk road that connects China, Europe, and the Middle East has long been an ambition for the Chinese government – an aim it consolidated in the form of the Belt and Road initiative.

This idea resulted in China to Europe Road freight service in 2018. Recognising how this could optimise transporting freight from China back to the United Kingdom, we put in place a plan to transport goods by road using these routes.

Waiting 56 Days To Transport Freight Isn’t Okay

Your time-critical shipments need to be delivered urgently to clients who can’t afford to wait. That’s why our door-to-door transportation service – which operates between China and the EU – takes just 14-18 days.

Transport freight from China to the UK using container ships and expect a time-estimate of between 35-56 days. That’s presuming demand for sea freight hasn’t resulted in a container shortage.

Airfreight offers a viable alternative, but door-to-door delivery could still take 16 days and your costs will be up to 600% higher.

Our door-to-door road freight service is designed to get your goods delivered on time but without paying extortionate costs.


Shanghai to London in Just Three Days?

Choose Amco, and you can enjoy peace of mind – knowing your consignment will enjoy a total transit time of only 17 days.

Here’s the journey breakdown:

  1. Shanghai to Manchuria – three days
  2. Manchuria to Moscow – nine days
  3. Moscow to London – five days

Our international freight team achieves this feat using a team of drivers and by following a route similar to that of rail.

No Physical Cargo Inspections Needed

Transport your time-critical cargo by rail from China to Kazakhstan, and you’ll have to complete import and export documentation. This problem can be swiftly sidestepped using our door-to-door transport proposition instead – which, because of the BR initiative, requires no such intervention.


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