Whether you own a general or bonded warehouse, there are certain mistakes you should avoid so that things run smoothly.

Running a warehouse is much more than just having a place to store goods in. Here are some key warehousing mistakes you can save yourself from making:

Pushing health and safety to the side

Health and safety might seem like a headache to implement, but it’s even more of one when things go wrong.

Save yourself the time (and potential injuries!) by making sure your warehouse and staff are fully equipped with all the necessary measures and uniform for safe operations. Make sure you regularly carry out risk assessments and don’t become complacent.

Resisting digital change

Although paper has long been the trusty companion of many a warehouse, it’s time to move with technology. Paper might seem reliable, but really it makes processing much slower and is more prone to resulting in delays. Papers can easily be misplaced but properly backed-up computer systems are both speedy and secure, offering more efficiency and ease when it comes to finding past records and documents. Make the switch today!


Not keeping spaces tidy

For many, keeping a warehouse tidy might be quite low on their list of priorities. After all, it’s not like a consumer-facing business; who is going to mind about overfilled pallets and aisles swimming in shrink wrap? Well, as it turns out, a messy warehouse is a recipe for disaster. Not only is health and safety potentially compromised, but your workflow will be constantly interrupted. Workers will find it much harder to navigate the warehouse as well as find the products they need. Organisation is key, so make sure it’s maintained before it gets out of hand.

Overspill of inventories

If you’ve got the space, why not fill it to the brim? This isn’t actually the smartest way of using your warehouse, especially if a lot of your inventory is old and unused. Make sure you regularly spring clean your warehouse to ensure your space is being used as effectively as possible. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an amazing deal just because your warehouse is stocked full of out-dated products.

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